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The joy of dressing is an art. — John Galliano

constance belt + cufflinks

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Saturday, 12 April 2014 / {sfs}

The promising 28-year-old duo Mark and Wing aim to bring the British vibe with a contemporary twist to the old British colony - Hong Kong. They now own a petite cafe named {sfs} in St.Francis street. I interviewed Mark yesterday to know more about the project.

Their concept:
Aspired to providing a space for idea exchanges and a hang-out place for the neighbourhood, the shop is open and transparent, modern and timeless, consistent with St Francis’ business philosophy and the lifestyle we advocate.

"You see Wan Chai is a cute small place. It's pretty much like a mixture of new culture and traditions. You have expats living in old Chinese-style building. As an architect, the urban life here is so different from other places in Hong Kong. Granted, Sheung Wan shares some of the features. However, if we are to make some profit to sustain our business, Wan Chai is apparently better, mainly from a business concern.", Mark says.

This is the view you get to rejoice from the porch. I love having random conversations with strangers. Picking a book you love reading, sipping a cup of creamy coffee with rich foams, listening to indie bands on Spotify - nothing else makes a Saturday better. 

The pouch is relatively tiny to be honest but can still fit two people. And of course, enough space for taking a selfie. #NAILED #likeaboss #asianproblems #neverenoughforselfie #nevertoolatetotakeaselfie #haveyoutakenaselfietoday

It is kinda awkward to interview Mark because {sfs} specializes in doing coffee and I do not drink coffee at all, though I always order Green Tea Latte in size Venti to go from Starbucks. But that's because of the 30% off student concession in HKU and it's sweet. It's so nice of Mark to order me a cup of hot chocolate. I do not really have a thing for chocolate but this one is pretty creamy and by no means ubiquitous.

Bahen & Co. founder, Josh Bahen, has a decade of experience in the making of fine wine and a wine-makers attention to craftsmanship. Using vintage chocolate making equipment and only 2 ingredients, cacao and cane sugar, Bahen & Co. strives to make chocolate in a traditional way that pre-dates the mass production of the industrial revolution. Chocolate that exhibits ancient aromas and flavours and carries the senses back to the times of the Mayans, Aztecs and Incas.

The well-designed package reminds me of Mast Brothers Chocolate. You can get this from Lane Crawford HK.

{sfs} x plum8 gallery opening: 一味 / Yi.Wei  /// *Details of this exhibition, click me.
*I once thought these cards are freebies ... It turns out to be $50 for 4 postcards. So do not take any of these away without paying. Not freebies.

On a side note, I hope to see more artworks in {sfs} as {sfs} calls itself a gallery. As a former creative consultant in an international gallery, I hope to see different media of art in such a lovely cafe as {sfs}, not only mediocre oil on canvas but new media or multi-media artworks. I am curious to see how Mark can marry the traditional UK vibe with new media art. I WILL KEEP AN EYE ON YOU.

*from left to right: Mark (Thanks for squatting a bit.), Yuki (A lovely barista who makes good coffee. Thank you so much for the plasters), Me

The cafe is relatively small to be honest. It, however, is this tiny space which allows meaningful interactions between barristers and customers. Say, having quality check on food and beverages, troubleshooting, introducing products or basically having a chat with old customers. "Starbucks and {sfs} work differently. The former one is pretty robotic, you place an order and you leave. We want to keep our customers coming back. We want to maintain a good relationship with them simply by being a friend of them. We are not that business-oriented compared to big cafes", Mark says.

The neighboring areas around St. Francis Street in Wan Chai house a countless of independent stores which you do not want to miss if you are into art and culture. Also, if you happen to be one frequent traveler to Hong Kong and are fed up with the common hustle and bustle side of Central, you should pin Wan Chai on your map now.

streetside cafe 
lifestyle gallery 
(852) 2527-7898 
9-11 St. Francis Street, Wanchai 

Thursday, 10 April 2014

pomellato press preview

Loving their new collection and am amazed by the brand's long history. What a lovely afternoon spent with an elegant Italian lady. I appreciate every woman who pays as much as a Hermes bag for one Nudo ring not because of showing off (as there's only a tiny logo on Pomellato's designs and hardly can people see it) but appreciation of the impeccable craftsmanship.

Sometimes it's not always about the social status you aspire to achieve but the priceless inner beauty which let you outshine the others - your temperament, the books you read, the places you go, the music you listen to and whatnot. 
Shop 2039, ifc mall, HK 
(852) 2234 7283 

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Food | Pepper Power

I am a huge fan for Thai food and I especially love Pad Thai amid all the Thai cuisines. Pepper Power has some of the best Pad Thai in Hong Kong. With the amazing services, I am coming back soon again for sure.

♡     Shop 3, 1/F., V City, 83 Tuen Mun Heung Sze Wui Road, Tuen Mun 
✍     屯門屯門鄉事會路83 V City 13號舖
☎    2476 9268

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Movie | The Hunt (2012) by Thomas Vinterberg







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Interview | Arthur de Villepin


He comes in, a decently dressed and well-bred gentleman with a Daniel Wellington watch. He wears a tailor-made blue striped suit set with matching royal blue socks. Despite my questions on how such a young gentleman can be a CEO of an international gallery, I still thought he was just another ordinary French with exceptional high caliber.

Our goal: to introduce you to and make you love art photography.

The YellowKorner concept is very simple: to introduce the greatest photographers from all over the world and to increase the number of copies of their work to make it accessible to as many collectors as possible. So, instead of offering 10 prints at 5,000 dollars, YellowKorner chooses to publish 500 at 100 dollars.

Q: Why set up Yellow Korner in Hong Kong?

A: I hope Hongkongeses can discover art through photography. The core value in Hong Kong has known to be money, it's a society of numbers. People work around the clock in search of money and a luxurious lifestyle. However, life is not all about money. To me, art is not a segment of entertainment. Art is a kind of necessity, we all need it to enrich our lives. Art is especially needed in developing counties, namely China, because people may be blindfolded with money. People in China should develop their own lifestyle instead of being extravagant on purchasing luxury goods for showing off their social status. Yellow Korner is a spokesman of French culture, coaching Hongkongese and Chinese how to enjoy life. We bring in art for betterment.

'To make photographic proofs accessible, because photography permits the large number of prints that is logically difficult to eliminate,'
Christian Caujolle, founder of Agence VU

Q: Why specifically focus on photography but not oil on canvas and whatnot?

A: Hong Kong people often have an impression that art is somewhat luxury goods and hardly can they gain access to it. Photography is different from other art. You do not need professional background knowledge to appreciate a photo. You like it because you like it. You feel like you can communicate with the photographer and you can get the meaning behind. However, oil on canvas and other different media of art require at least some basic understanding in art history which will not benefit much if we are to introduce art to the general public in Hong Kong.

Also, photography can be re-printed. As long as we still keep the printing quota to a low quantity, the artwork is still valuable. We try to make the printing quota to be either 300 or 500 and the like to sustain the uniqueness of the work per se. Oil on canvas, however, cannot be re-produced which in returns explains why oil on canvas artworks often cost you so much.

We hope people can appreciate photography. Photographers always spend so much time planning how to take a good photo, from manual focus, aperture, angle, meaning, space, to name but a few. It's definitely not something you can do with your iPhone.

Q: What do you think about Hong Kong people's attitude towards artwork?

A: Most Hongkongers afraid that they must have to buy the artwork if they barge in any gallery. In Europe, most families will bring their children to stroll around galleries on weekends. You can just pop in Yellow Korner without buying anything. What we care is the education part instead of making money. We can make sure that you will learn something when you leave our store. This is what makes Yellow Korner stands out in IFC Mall. You can shop around and spend a lot in IFC Mall but hardly can you learn anything from your shopping experience. You cannot really learn any things from purchasing a bag from Lane Crawford or other stores. However, you can always learn a good lesson on art or photography when you visit Yellow Korner.

YellowKorner prints are all genuine proofs on traditional paper a technique used for the most prestigious exhibitions. They are top quality prints, the reproduction, the sharpness and the contrast of which are optimal in colour as well as in black and white. They are produced by a professional laboratory.

All YellowKorner photographs are prints produced by a renowned professional laboratory, numbered and supplied with a certificate of authenticity under the artist's watchful eye. YellowKorner pays great attention to the development of the prints so that the power of the photograph and all the richness of the artist's work are captured.

With the artist's consent, the same photograph is available in one or several formats (8"x12", 10"x15", 24"x36" and 40"x60") with a finish agreed by the artist. Each format has its own corresponding limit (open edition, limited editions with 30, 200 or 500 copies).

Arthur de Villepin says, "Feel free to drop by YellowKorner during your lunch time to enjoy art. We can talk about art and we hope you then get cultivated and can further develop your interests in art, especially photography."

It is to my astonishment how this young gentleman is the son of ex-French prime minister Dominique de Villepin. He is unpretentious and kind. Through the one-hour long interview, I can completely tell that Arthur is passionate about art and is enjoying what he is doing. As a former intern in another international gallery, I totally understand galleries have to sell art to keep running the business. However, sometimes there are more important values behind, and for Arthur, it is his mission to change the Hong Kong society to adopt another view towards artwork.

If you are reading this, I guess it's time to ask yourself, do you enjoy what you are doing now? Life is not always about money.

*I hereby thank David for inviting me to interview their CEO, Mr. Arthur de Villepin. I really enjoy this interview. Merci beaucoup.

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Food | Panino Giusto

Panino Giusto is a small restaurant located in IFC. With its incredibly low price, it has been one of the best restaurants for many city dwellers. Spanish ham Panini Tartofu is one of their top products and I gave it a try last week.

The panini per se was impeccable. I like the fresh touch added by rocekt. On a side note, Tivo Hong Kong has got some of the best rocket salad in Hong Kong.

The service there was amazing, especially the lady who took my order. Thank you Madam. I will definitely come back for this panini. I, however, would suggest you ordering a glass of wine to pair with it because eating it alone without drinks can be a bit oily.

/// Around $60-100 per person *(No Service Charge.)
/// 人均消費大約六十至一百元

Shop 3077, Podium Level Three, ifc mall, 8 Finance Street, Central
+852 2564-7000