you are one fine wine

So basically this bottle of wine-like thingy is not wine but distilled water from France. Owing to its absolute beautiful package, I guess it's legit for me to use wine words to describe its taste: closed, airy and smooth. If a water can be sold like this, its value is as high as a 1957 Chateau Latour or a 1982 Mouton Rothschild to me.

new year, new direction


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Since it's 2015 now, I am gonna come up with many new projects with many new directions. stay tuned.

on pedder ss15 preview

We fashionistas are always ahead of the season and we are already previewing SS15 collection of On Pedder again in jackets and scarfs. The insightful buying team of On Pedder always shops according to different themes so you are provided with beautiful garments and statement accessories of different occasions. Among all the mouthwatering pieces, I managed to keep my eyes on the Celine rainbow-coloured Phantom bag (it's in canvas so brownie points addeded) and the MSGM sneakers which are exclusively for On Pedder. 

iwc captures time in pictures

對男人來說,相機和腕錶是極致的浪漫,兩者都講求對一分一秒的準確執著,那麼兩者合二為一又會有什麼樣的化學反應呢?看看IWC最近的攝影展吧。熟悉IWC的你一定不會對柏濤菲諾系列感到陌生,多年來貴為品牌眾多系列中的謙謙君子,難怪最後被品牌選用去命名「永恆的柏濤菲諾」(Timeless Portofino)的環球攝影展。

IWC開辦攝影展並不是新鮮事,但每一次都足以一新你的耳目。其實早在四年前,攝影師Peter Lindbergh就在柏濤菲諾為IWC拍攝了首批攝影作品,當時正值瑞士日內瓦高級鐘錶展期間,拍攝時更有來自蘇黎世歌劇院的六十人管弦樂團表演,風頭一時無兩。是次雙方再次合作,並匯聚多位著名演員及模特兒參與拍攝,例如Cate Blanchett、Emily Blunt、周迅、Christoph Waltz及Ewan McGregor等,也許只有IWC才有如此大的號召力。

相片最近在蘇黎世電影節上首次面世,不少有份參與拍攝的明星都有出席揭幕典禮,場面盛大,星光煜煜。難怪IWC萬國錶首席執政長Georges Kern說:「我們與明星的合作並非為了廣告和公關目的而已,我們多年來保持友好的夥伴關係,明星已成為品牌的一部分。例如Kevin Spacey還為我們參演過戲劇。單純的走紅毯加上Logo牆不是我們想要的。」

是次獨家環球攝影展名為「永恆的柏濤菲諾」(Timeless Portofino),當中的柏濤菲諾是品牌的創始錶款,五六十年來也是暢銷的款式,也因此最能代表品牌的定位及風格,所以拍攝地方也順理成章以Portofino為基地,配意大利傳統港口、名貴Riva遊艇及古董老爺車為拍攝背景。演藝紅星及模特兒在樹影婆娑的修道院下演繹IWC的經典腕錶,美人美景配美錶,難怪相片教人如癡如醉,使我也想到Portofino一遊留倩影。

單單是第一天的拍攝,Peter Lindbergh就為Adriana Lima和Karolina Kurkova拍攝了8000張照片。在三天的拍攝中,共有超過120人出鏡,拍了21000多張照片,比一般電視製作的陣容還要龐大,幕後製作的認真程度不言而喻,一絲不苟,場地除了此起彼落的相機咔嚓聲,彷彿就只剩下手錶零件的清脆滴答聲。在蘇黎世展覽過後,就會開展環球展覽之旅,陸續在香港、倫敦、邁阿密和杜拜進行展覽,所以即使你不能親身到蘇黎世看開幕儀式,也不用失望,屆時留意香港的展覽日期便可慢慢欣賞相片。

*本文同時刊於《Esquire Hong Kong》十二月號


真心喜歡小店 @store_svl ,每次到旺角通常都會上去逛逛。我其實一向都喜歡逛這些獨立的小店。雖然熟悉我的都知道我很喜歡逛連卡佛,但小店就是有種尋寶的感覺,每次你都可以發掘到新的品牌,每次去都很inspiring,而且很多時候貨物都是one of a kind的,錯過了就沒有,有時購物就是要得到這種患得患失的感覺。這是在LC或JOYCE找不到的。因為就算香港斷貨,我還有MATCHESFASHION、MR.PORTER、PR朋友,或乾脆飛到外地入貨。但有時候來得太易,就不會珍惜。On a side note,到上環逛記得要到 Konzepp一遊,一樣是城中數一數二的select-shop,價位方面較進取,所以認識我的可以找我一起去,因為我有VIP折扣啊。


Despite the fact that Hong Kong is usually ridiculed as a desert when it comes to arts and culture, there are in fact places where you can breathe art and savour culture in the city. Taking a MTR ride to Yau Ma Tei will bring you to a hidden gem of the cosmopolitain metropolis - Kubrick, an extraordinary bookstore that has more to offer than selling books. Once you step in, not only are you bombarded with a countless of art magazines and independent movies and music, you can also make friends with like-minded people who are art and culture-savvy. Next step? Have a cup coffee together in the in-shop cafe and talk about your new purchases. You can share your views on Henri Matisse and enjoy a lecture on Wassily Kandinsky by your new friend. 

Address: Shop H2, Cinema Block, Prosperous Garden, 3 Public square street, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon, Hong Kong /

I am finally back to the dinning scene after all the essays writing and examinations. *warm applause please? This time I went to [a newly opened Italian diner] for tasting. They have some really delicate parma hams in a reasonable price with excellent soft cream cheese. *needless to say, everything from Italy.

YOPO - you only pay once
One thing that is cute about this diner is that you do not have to pay every time you order food but pay it one-off when you check out. [impressive, isn't it?] Everything you ordered will be recorded by a mighty red card. [pretty much like the library system in a nutshell, think this is a better way to explain]

things you cannot afford missing: parma hams, panini and pizzas. Plus, you can always mix and match different ingratiates to create your own flavour. In other words, the made-to-order services you usually have in Gucci is now extended to the dining scene. Bravo.

osaka aquarium

If you are a fan of marine animals, remember to drop by this Aquarium. The Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan was named the Best Aquarium in Asia by TripAdvisor(R), the world’s largest travel site.
The aquarium won the Japan’s and Asia’s title in the TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice(TM) Awards for Zoos and Aquariums, which gives honor to top zoos and aquariums worldwide based on reviews and opinions contributed by TripAdvisor travelers. The aquarium was also voted 13th among all the aquariums around the globe.