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When I first smelt the new cologne, I closed my eyes and immediately the first whiff exuded a twist of the Hugo Boss signature scent within its fragrance mix.

I have to admit, the campaign with Theo James and Natalie Poly really made me curious and the flacon looks quite attractive. The scent is characterized by an extraordinary oriental smell because of the use of the Maninka fruit which reminds me of a mixture between passionfruit and rum. Ginger and leather give the fragrance the needed masculine spice. For me its actually the best perfume from Hugo Boss. It’s pleasant to wear during the day, not too strong but definitely intense. It is quite heavy and thats why it’s perfect for autumn and upcoming winter.

The Scent is a matured fragrance that left you wanting more.

*This post is sponsored by Hugo Boss, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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